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Brazilian Butt Lift Before & After Pictures in Phoenix, AZ

Fat. It always seems to go right where you don’t want it while it’s non-existent from the areas where you do want it! Thankfully, if you live in or around Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert or any one of the many nearby communities, now you can do something about it!  Dr. Larry C. Leverett, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Phoenix, can help give your butt a boost while getting rid of stubborn fat from unwanted areas.

A Brazilian Butt Lift involves the transfer of fat from unwanted areas (your hips, thighs, upper arms, or abdomen) to the buttocks to create a shapelier, more rounded look. As we age and our bodies gain weight, we, unfortunately, start to show it in the very places we’d rather not have it – instead of the places (like the butt) where we would! Get the rounded, lifted and attractive look you’ve longed for with a Brazilian Butt Lift!

Because the transfer is using your own purified body fat, there’s also no risk that your body will “reject” the implant of new fat. In a sense, a Brazilian Butt Lift gives you what nature could not – the shapelier, more rounded and proportionate buttocks that enhance your shape and help you look your best.  Here are just a few examples of the results that a Brazilian Butt Lift can give you!

Patient: 7

Brazilian Butt Lift Case 7

Patient: 6

Brazilian Butt Lift Case 5

Patient: 5

Brazilian Butt Lift Case 4

Patient: 4

Brazilian Butt Lift Case 3

Patient: 3

Brazilian Butt Lift Case 2

Patient: 2

Brazilian Butt Lift Case 1

Patient 1:
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