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Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) in Phoenix, AZ

Overly large ears can draw attention away from an otherwise attractive appearance. Individuals with prominent ears often have to suffer a lifetime of teasing. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Ear surgery, performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Larry C. Leverett for residents of Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert and the surrounding communities of Phoenix, can reshape and resize ears, making them more proportionate to the rest of the face.

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty, also referred to as ear surgery, is a procedure that corrects the appearance of the ears by reshaping, resizing or repositioning. Otoplasty makes overly large ears less prominent and noticeable, as well as corrects any birth defects that have caused the ears to be misshapen.

How Much Does Otoplasty Cost?

The cost of otoplasty varies depending on the extent of surgery. To help make ear surgery more affordable to his patients, Dr. Leverett offers financing through CareCredit® and Prosper Healthcare Lending. Our office also accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash and cashier’s checks.

Benefits of Otoplasty

With otoplasty patients can enjoy a lifetime of benefits. Ear surgery not only affects you physically, but it also affects you emotionally and mentally. Both adults and children who undergo ear surgery experience the following benefits:

  • Improvement in overall appearance.
  • Higher self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Improvement in quality of life.
  • Feel more positive about self-image.

Candidates for Otoplasty

Adults and children who are being teased for the size or shape of their ears can benefit from otoplasty. If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your ears, otoplasty may be right for you.

What Happens During Otoplasty?

Every otoplasty surgery is different. The procedure is tailored to the unique needs of each and every patient. During surgery anesthesia is administered for comfort. Depending on your needs, cartilage may be trimmed off your ear and then reshaped to make the ears more proportionate to the face or your ears will be suspended into a more desirable position. Additional cartilage or skin may be needed for more severe cases

Recovery from Otoplasty

Patients may be sore and experience swelling. This can be managed with prescribed pain relievers. Ears should not be pulled or bothered to help speed healing.

Don’t live a life with teasing because your ears stand out. If you live in or around the Greater Phoenix area, such as Ahwatukee, Chandler and Gilbert, please contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Larry C. Leverett of Body By Leverett and find out how he can help you become more confident with ear surgery.