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Voluma® in Phoenix, AZ

The aging process can be very creative in its effort to make us look older. Lines and wrinkles form for many reasons, such as lost facial volume that allows the skin to sag and drop lower on our face. Voluma® restores facial volume to soften lines and wrinkles, giving you a younger appearance. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Larry C. Leverett, offers Voluma® treatments for men and women in Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert and surrounding communities of Phoenix.

What is Voluma®?

Lines, wrinkles and creases form on our faces for several reasons.

  • Our bodies produce less hyaluronic acid and collagen.
  • Our facial expressions pinch the skin.
  • We lose fat in our faces, which leads to less volume and sagging skin.

Voluma® was created to address the signs of aging that are caused by lost facial volume that occurs in the cheek and chin area. Restoring volume in these areas tightens the skin to smooth out wrinkles and creases and gives the face a more balanced appearance.

How Much Does Voluma® Cost?

Restoring facial volume with Voluma® is quick and simple. The cost of treatment is based on the amount of product that is needed, so it varies by patient. We are better able to provide a cost after your consultation appointment. Dr. Leverett offers financing through CareCredit® and Prosper Healthcare Lending. Our office also accepts Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, cash and cashier’s checks.

Benefits of Voluma®

Facial proportions play a role in our appearance; specifically, the following features are associated with a young, attractive appearance:

  • Contours on the cheeks
  • High cheekbones
  • A defined jawline
  • Smooth, flawless skin

Having too little or displaced fat in the face affects the balance of your features, and you look older and tired. Voluma® is the only FDA-approved cosmetic filler that adds volume to the cheeks and chin.

Good Candidates for Voluma® Treatments

Understanding why you look older takes the expertise of a board-certified plastic surgeon who recognizes the various factors that give men and women an aged appearance. Dr. Leverett examines your skin and facial anatomy to determine if restoring facial volume with Voluma® is the best anti-aging solution for you.

What Can I Expect from My Voluma® Treatments?

Voluma® is designed to work in the deep tissues of the cheeks and chin. Dr. Leverett uses a very small sized needle to precisely and accurately deposit Voluma® into these tissues. He will make several injections to ensure that the results are balanced and natural. The results of Voluma® treatments last up to 18 months.

After the Voluma® Treatment

The treatment area may feel tender for up to one week, and you may have some mild bruising around the injection sites. These symptoms do not require downtime, but you should avoid applying pressure to the area.

If your face has a drawn appearance, you may be a good candidate for Voluma® treatments. If you live in or around the Greater Phoenix area, such as Ahwatukee, Chandler and Gilbert, contact board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Larry C. Leverett, to schedule your Voluma® consultation.