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Body Lift, Thigh Lift & Arm Lift in Phoenix, Arizona

Is a Body, Thigh or Arm Lift Right for Me?

Losing weight is always exciting but the loose and sagging skin that can sometimes accompany it is not. Body lift, thigh lift, and arm lift techniques can help you firm droopy skin that is left behind from weight loss, or simply help correct sagging skin that comes with age. Located in Phoenix and serving Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee and other surrounding areas, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Larry C. Leverett offers body lift techniques for patients who want to achieve a more youthful, contoured physique.

Who Do Body, Thigh and Arm Lifts Help?

Body lifts, thigh lifts, and arm lifts are surgical procedures aimed at improving the shape and tone of the underlying tissue that supports fat and skin. These procedures are often sought by individuals who have undergone significant weight loss and are left with excess, sagging skin that hasn't conformed to their smaller body size. They are also considered by those who experience skin laxity due to aging or genetic factors. Each type of lift targets a specific area of the body to achieve a more youthful and contoured appearance.

Body Lift

A body lift is a comprehensive procedure that targets the mid and lower body to remove excess skin and fat while enhancing the shape and tone of the underlying tissue. The surgery typically focuses on the abdomen, buttocks, lower back, and sides, effectively improving the contour of these areas. A body lift can involve a combination of procedures, such as an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), buttock lift, and lateral thigh lift, performed in a single operation or in stages. This procedure is particularly beneficial for individuals who have lost significant amounts of weight, either through bariatric surgery or lifestyle changes, and are left with extensive loose skin.

Thigh Lift

A thigh lift specifically targets the thigh area to remove excess skin and fat, resulting in smoother skin and more proportionate contours. There are different types of thigh lifts, including inner (medial) thigh lift, outer (lateral) thigh lift, and vertical thigh lift, each addressing different areas of the thigh based on where skin laxity and fat accumulation are most pronounced. The choice of technique depends on the patient's individual needs and the amount of correction required. Thigh lifts are often pursued by individuals seeking to improve the appearance of their thighs as part of body contouring after significant weight loss or due to the effects of aging.

Arm Lift

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is designed to remove excess skin and fat between the underarm and the elbow, reshaping the arm to result in smoother skin and more defined contours. This procedure is ideal for individuals who are self-conscious about "bat wings" or drooping skin on the upper arms and seek a more toned appearance. An arm lift can dramatically improve the shape and appearance of the arms, making them look more proportionate and toned. Like thigh lifts, arm lifts are particularly popular among those who have experienced significant weight loss and are left with excess, sagging skin that does not respond to exercise.

What are the Benefits of Body, Thigh or Arm Lift Surgery?

Body lift, thigh lift, and arm lift surgeries offer a range of benefits that enhance both physical appearance and quality of life. These combined advantages make them appealing for individuals seeking significant improvements in body contours:

  • Improved body contour and shape
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Increased clothing options
  • Motivation for a healthy lifestyle
  • Improved body proportions
  • Increased physical comfort
  • Reduction in skin irritation
  • Visible results relatively quickly

Questions For Your Consult

Am I A Good Candidate for Body, Thigh or Arm Lift Surgery?

If you’re seeking to improve body contours by removing excess skin and fat, especially after significant weight loss or due to the natural aging process, you may be a good candidate for body lift, thigh lift, or arm lift surgeries. The best candidates are non-smokers, in good physical health, maintain a stable weight, and have excess, sagging skin. However, the best way to determine your candidacy for these body contouring surgeries is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Leverett, where he will be able to evaluate your areas of concern and develop a personalized treatment plan to deliver your desired results.

What Happens During a Consultation?

During your consultation for body contouring surgeries, you’ll meet with Dr. Leverett at Body By Leverett. During this consultation, Dr. Leverett will take the time to understand your aesthetic goals, review your medical history, and conduct a physical examination to determine whether a body lift, thigh lift, or arm lift will help you achieve your desired results. The consultation is an opportunity for Dr. Leverett to evaluate which of these procedures is the best fit for you, and gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about body contouring treatments. If you are interested in a body lift, thigh lift, or arm lift, Dr. Leverett will develop a personalized treatment plan based on your goals, and will then explain what you can expect from the treatment process.

How Much Do Body, Thigh and Arm Lifts Cost?

The cost for body contouring surgeries will vary from patient to patient depending on the extent of surgery required to produce your desired results, as well as the number and size of areas being treated. In order to determine the cost of your body lift, thigh lift, or arm lift, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Leverett of Body By Leverett. After developing your personalized treatment plan, the patient coordinator will be able to explain the exact costs associated with your treatment. To help make body contouring procedures more affordable and accessible to our patients, we offer financing through CareCredit®, Patient Fi and Prosper Healthcare Lending. Our office also accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash and cashier’s checks.

Body Lift, Thigh Lift & Arm Lift in Phoenix, AZ

How Do I Prepare for My Consultation?

What Should I Do Before Consultation?

Preparing for your consultation involves several key steps to ensure that you and Dr. Leverett have a productive meeting:

  • Research: Before your consultation, take some time to learn about body contouring surgeries. Understanding the basics of the procedures, the different techniques available, and realistic outcomes will help you have a meaningful discussion with Dr. Leverett.
  • Set Your Goals: Reflect on your reasons for seeking body contouring treatments and what you hope to achieve with the surgery. Having a clear set of goals will enable Dr. Leverett to tailor the consultation and proposed treatment plan to your specific desires.
  • Gather Medical Information: Assemble detailed information about your medical history, including any previous surgeries, current and past medications, allergies, and any significant health issues. This comprehensive overview of your health is vital for assessing your suitability for body lift, thigh lift, and arm lift surgeries, and planning a safe procedure.

What Should I Bring to Consultation?

Arriving well-prepared for your consultation with Dr. Leverett will facilitate a thorough and efficient discussion about your body contouring procedure:

  • Medical Records: Bring along any medical documents that provide insight into your health background. These records can help Dr. Leverett understand any potential risks or considerations for your procedure of choice.
  • List of Medications: Compile a list of all medications you're taking, including prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and supplements. This information is crucial for avoiding any complications during and after the surgery.
  • Photos: If you have specific goals or examples of the body shape you're aiming for, bring photos to help communicate your expectations. These visual aids can be incredibly helpful in ensuring you and Dr. Leverett are aligned in your goals.
  • Questions: It's normal to have many questions and concerns. Write them down so you don't forget to address them during your consultation. This list will ensure that all your questions are answered, helping you make an informed decision.

What Should I Wear for My Consultation?

For consultations regarding body lift, thigh lift, or arm lift surgeries, wearing comfortable, easily removable clothing is key. Since Dr. Leverett may need to examine the areas you wish to address, your attire should allow for easy access to these parts of your body while maintaining your comfort and privacy. Here are some suggestions for what to wear based on the specific consultation you're attending:


  • Body Lift: Consider wearing a two-piece outfit, such as loose-fitting pants or a skirt with a comfortable top. This makes it easier to expose the abdomen, lower back, or buttocks area without the need to fully undress.
  • Thigh Lift: Wearing shorts or a skirt can allow Dr. Leverett to easily assess the thigh area without requiring complete disrobing.
  • Arm Lift: Choose a top that allows easy access to your arms. A sleeveless or short-sleeve shirt that can be easily removed is ideal. Ensure your top is loose-fitting to avoid any discomfort when taking it off or putting it on.

What Happens After My Body Contouring Consultation?

After your consultation, you'll be on your way to making an informed decision about your body lift, thigh lift, or arm lift procedure. You’ll have all of your questions answered, a potential treatment plan outlined by Dr. Leverett, and all of the other information you need to decide if you want to move forward with body contouring. If you’re ready to book your procedure of choice, our team can help you do that immediately following your consultation. After scheduling your procedure, we can help assist you with planning for surgery and beginning pre-operative preparations.

What Should I Know Before Booking Surgery?

Why Choose Dr. Leverett for Body Contouring Surgery?

Choosing Dr. Leverett for body lift, thigh lift, or arm lift surgeries in Phoenix, AZ, means entrusting your care to a board-certified plastic surgeon with a rich background in aesthetic surgery of the breast, body, and face. His affiliations with prestigious organizations like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery underscore his commitment to excellence and ongoing education. Dr. Leverett's patient-centered approach, combined with his specialized expertise and artistry, ensures personalized and gratifying results. He prioritizes patient education and safety, making him an ideal choice for those seeking a transformative and tailored body contouring experience.

Body Lift, Thigh Lift & Arm Lift in Phoenix, AZ

Can I Finance the Cost of Body Surgery?

At Body By Leverett, we recognize that the financial aspect of cosmetic surgery can be a significant consideration for our patients considering body contouring procedures. To ensure that our patients in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas have the opportunity to pursue their aesthetic goals, we are pleased to offer a variety of financing options designed to make the process more accessible. Our practice offers financing through CareCredit®, Patient Fi and Prosper Healthcare Lending, leading providers of medical financing, to offer flexible payment plans that can accommodate any budget. Additionally, we accept all major credit cards, as well as cash and cashier’s checks. Understanding the financial investment in your cosmetic journey is important, and we're here to provide comprehensive information and support. During your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Leverett, we'll not only explore a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs but also discuss in detail the costs involved and the financing options available to you.

Where are the Procedures Performed?

When undergoing body contouring surgery at Body By Leverett, your surgery is performed in our state-of-the-art surgical facility located in Phoenix, AZ. Our facility is designed to prioritize your safety and comfort throughout your procedure of choice. We are dedicated to incorporating the latest advancements in medical equipment and surgical technology to ensure the highest standards of care. Our operating rooms undergo regular inspections to meet and exceed the most stringent medical guidelines and regulations. Furthermore, our compassionate and skilled team of healthcare professionals is here to support you from your initial consultation through to your recovery.

What Happens During Surgery?

All of these body contouring procedures typically begin with the patient receiving either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation to ensure comfort throughout the surgery. The choice of anesthesia is determined based on the extent of the procedure. Dr. Leverett then makes incisions in predetermined locations, which are designed to minimize visible scarring while allowing for the removal of excess skin and fat and the tightening of underlying tissues. The specifics of each procedure vary depending on the procedure being performed, as explained below:

Body Lift Surgery

A body lift focuses on the midsection and possibly the lower body, including the abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, and thighs. The procedure involves making a continuous incision around the lower torso, through which Dr. Leverett removes excess skin and fat. The remaining skin is then lifted and tightened for a smoother, more contoured appearance.

Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh lift surgery targets the inner or outer thighs to address sagging skin and unwanted fat deposits. For an inner (medial) thigh lift, the incision is typically made in the groin area, extending downward and wrapping around the back of the thigh if necessary. For an outer (lateral) thigh lift, the incision is often more extensive, possibly running from the groin around the hip. Through these incisions, Dr. Leverett removes excess skin and fat and tightens the remaining skin to enhance the contours of the thighs.

Arm Lift Surgery

For an arm lift, Dr. Leverett makes an incision along the inside or back of the arm, typically extending from the underarm to just above the elbow. Excess skin and fat are removed, and the underlying supportive tissue is tightened and reshaped.

What Forms Do I Need to Fill Out for Body Contouring Surgery?

In our new EMR, patients are sent a link to their patient portal to complete their forms online prior to their visit, or by arriving 15 minutes early to complete in-office on the iPad.

If you are a new patient to our clinic or returning after being gone for over 12 months, you may save time by completing the following patient forms prior to your appointment:

We also offer the same patient forms in Spanish if needed

How Should I Prepare for Surgery?

While most of the preparation for your body contouring surgery is completed during the consultation process, there are still a few things you can do to prepare for the day of your surgery. For starters, it’s essential to quit smoking as long as possible before surgeries like these, as they can impair healing and increase the risk of complications. You may also need to adjust your medications as recommended by Dr. Leverett, as some supplements and medications can increase the risk of bleeding. Finally, we recommend adopting a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water in the weeks leading up to your surgery. This will ensure that your body is well-equipped for a speedy recovery!

Post Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Prepare for Recovery?

Almost as important as preparing for the day of your surgery is preparing for your body contouring recovery process. You should take the following considerations when preparing for your recovery, so that you can focus on resting and healing after completing your surgery:

  • Recovery Space: Organize a recovery space that includes a comfortable bed or recliner, with plenty of pillows to help maintain a comfortable position. Ensure you have blankets for warmth and easy access to entertainment like books, magazines, television, or a tablet to keep you occupied during recovery.
  • Medications: Have all prescribed medications filled before your surgery date. This includes pain relievers, antibiotics to prevent infection, and any specific medications Dr. Leverett recommends.
  • Comfortable Clothing: Prepare a selection of loose, comfortable clothing that opens in the front or has elastic waistbands to avoid pressure on your surgical sites. Clothing that can be easily put on and taken off will minimize discomfort and avoid straining the incisions.
  • Assistance: Arrange for a reliable family member or friend to drive you home after the surgery and assist with daily tasks. It’s crucial to have help during the first few days when mobility may be significantly limited, and you are under the effects of anesthesia.
  • Work and Responsibilities: Plan for adequate time off from work, considering the nature of your job and the physical demands it may entail. Inform your employer about your surgery and estimated recovery time to ensure a stress-free recovery period without work obligations.

Additionally, you may want to refer to our post-op recommendations, where we have outlined a list of products that we recommend for your post-operative care. Dr. Leverett may provide specific product recommendations from this list to you depending on the body contouring surgery you receive.

How Long Do Results Last?

The improvements made through body lift, thigh lift, and arm lift surgeries can last many years. The removal of excess skin and fat is permanent, and as long as you do not experience significant weight changes or underlying health issues that could affect your skin's elasticity, you can expect to enjoy the results of your surgery for a long time. However, it's important to remember that these procedures do not halt the aging process, and some natural changes to the body's appearance are inevitable over time.

What is Recovery Like?

Upon waking from anesthesia, it's common to experience grogginess and disorientation, as well as discomfort or pain around the surgical sites. To manage pain, medications are administered, and the surgical areas are often wrapped in bandages or compression garments to minimize swelling and support the healing tissues. The initial days after surgery are generally marked by swelling, bruising, and discomfort, during which time patients are encouraged to rest as much as possible. After three to six weeks, significant improvements in swelling and bruising are noticeable, and patients can typically start resuming more normal activities. However, full physical activities, especially those involving the treated areas, may still be restricted. The final results of body contouring surgeries may take several months to become fully visible as the body heals and settles into its new shape.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Surgery?

Recovery times from body lift, thigh lift, and arm lift surgeries can vary significantly depending on the extent of the procedure, the individual's health, and how well post-operative care instructions are followed. Here are general timelines that describe what patients can expect for each surgery:

Body Lift Recovery

Most patients make a full recovery in six months to one year. Although patients typically resume most of their normal activities within four to eight weeks, it can take the body a long time to complete the full healing process. Rest assured that you will be able to appreciate your results as early as the first month or two, with most swelling, bruising, and other side effects subsiding during this initial recovery phase.

Thigh Lift Recovery

After a thigh lift, most patients make a full recovery in about six months, with scars taking about a year to fully mature. However, patients will feel back to normal much sooner, with most returning to work and other activities in four to six weeks. The initial recovery phase of one to two weeks will see most of the pain, swelling, and related side effects subside quickly as patients progress through recovery.

Arm Lift Recovery

After an arm lift, most patients generally feel back to normal and can see the results of their surgery within a few months. However, complete recovery and final results might take up to 6 months. The scars will continue to heal and fade over the course of a year or more. Swelling, bruising, discomfort, and related side effects are most severe for the first two weeks. Patients can expect to ease back into normal activities approximately two to four weeks after surgery.

Are you struggling with excess, sagging skin following significant weight loss or due to aging, affecting both your appearance and confidence? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Larry C. Leverett of Body By Leverett specializes in transformative body lift, thigh lift, and arm lift surgeries designed to refine your contours and restore a more youthful, toned appearance. If you reside in the Greater Phoenix area, including Ahwatukee, Chandler, Glendale, Maricopa County, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Gilbert, and are seeking a solution to achieve a smoother, more proportionate body shape, our team is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.