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Blepharoplasty Before & After Pictures in Phoenix, AZ

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. But over time, the skin surrounding our eyes can make us look tired, disheveled or even sad, when we’re not. Fortunately, residents in and around Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, and surrounding areas can now give their eyes the bright, beautiful look they’ve been missing thanks to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Larry C. Leverett.

Cosmetic eye surgery involves surgical procedures designed to augment or adjust the skin around the eyes and eyelids. The most common of these procedures is the blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery.  Saggy, droopy, puffy eyes can happen as a result of genetics or simply due to aging. It’s true that our eyes are one of the very first giveaways about our age, but otoplasty, or cosmetic eye surgery, can help.

Each person is unique, but oftentimes, cosmetic eye surgery involves a removal of excess skin around the eye which can cause eyelid droopiness or sagging. If you’re tired of looking tired and want to put that youthful spark back in your eyes, then surgery may help!  Browse through the photos below from patients of all ages to see just what’s possible when you work with Dr. Leverett, and start on the road to feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Blepharoplasty Case 8*


Blepharoplasty Case 7*

Blepharoplasty Case 7

Blepharoplasty Case 6*

Blepharoplasty Case 6

Blepharoplasty Case 5*

Blepharoplasty Case 5

Blepharoplasty Case 4*

Blepharoplasty Case 4

Blepharoplasty Case 3*

Blepharoplasty Case 3

Blepharoplasty Case 2*

Blepharoplasty Case 2

Blepharoplasty Case 1*

Blepharoplasty Case 1