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Online Reviews

Review sites such as Yelp and RealSelf offer patients and doctors an area to share real reviews, questions, and opinions. Dr. Larry C. Leverett is a top-rated doctor on RealSelf.com and is also highly regarded on Yelp.com. Read through genuine reviews with honest opinions and an authentic account of what can be expected at Body by Leverett. RealSelf also features a Q & A section that allows Dr. Leverett to answer questions that real people ask. He has over 250 expert answers and will give you the best possible response based on the information provided.

Enjoy before and after pictures, sincere responses from Dr. Leverett himself, and an extensive list of treatments offered at our office. RealSelf users have the ability to rate their experience with Dr. Larry Leverett and his practice. An overall rating is given along with a more detailed assessment. Readers can also rate the popularity of certain answers. Please feel free to browse through our RealSelf profile and reviews to learn more about what you can look forward to from Body by Leverett.