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Breast Revision Before & After Pictures in Phoenix, AZ

Losing a breast due to injury or illness, such as cancer, can be a devastating blow to a woman’s sense of self-esteem. Oftentimes, patients who undergo breast revision and reconstruction tell us that before their surgery, they felt less than whole or somehow less of a woman and that while people may tell you it’s normal – to you, it feels anything but normal. You want to restore that feeling of symmetry and beauty. In short, you want to feel like you. Residents from across Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, and the surrounding areas have personally sought out Dr. Larry C. Leverett, a board-certified plastic surgeon, to help them restore their femininity through breast reconstruction.

With breast revision and reconstruction, we take each woman’s individual needs into consideration to create results that help restore self-confidence, symmetry, and beauty. As one of the top cosmetic doctors in Phoenix and a member of a variety of boards and organizations dedicated to aesthetic surgery, Dr. Leverett understands that having breast reconstruction surgery is a very personal decision and will take the time to answer any and all questions you may have about your procedure.

See how other women have regained their confidence and self-esteem through reconstructive breast surgery at our Phoenix practice.

Breast Revision Case 14

Breast Revision Case 13

Breast Revision Case 12

Breast Revision Case 11

Breast Revision Case 10

Breast Revision Case 9

Breast Revision Case 8

Breast Revision Case 7

Breast Revision Case 6

Breast Revision Case 5

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Breast Revision Case 3

Breast Revision Case 2

Breast Revision Case 1

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