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Facelift Before & After Pictures in Phoenix, AZ

Your face can reveal a lot about you. Your eyes can seem to sparkle. Your cheeks can take on that cheerful tone.  Your smile can showcase a life filled with laughter and happiness. But sometimes we don’t always like what’s looking back at us when we glance in the mirror.  If you’re concerned about cosmetic issues on your face that could use a bit more than what over-the-counter creams or anti-wrinkle serums can offer, then you’re in luck. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Larry C. Leverett can help. Serving residents of Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, and surrounding areas with plastic surgery for nearly 20 years, Dr. Leverett has the skill and experience needed to make your facelift dreams a reality.

A facelift, while it sounds like a single process, can actually involve many smaller surgeries designed to improve the proportions, the alignment or just the overall look of your face. Many types of facelifts involve more than just adjusting the surface of the skin, but instead, work deeper to target stubborn wrinkles that can make you look older than you feel.

Oftentimes with a facelift, incisions are made near the ears and along the hairline to help cover any scars that may form following your recovery. Sometimes, liposuction is also done to remove any excess fat from your jaw that can lead to jowls or a double chin.  Although a facelift is most commonly done to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other signs of aging, various individual procedures such as an eyelid lift or rhinoplasty (“nose job”) can also contribute significantly to your overall beauty and self-confidence.

See some of the many outstanding results we’ve achieved for our patients right here in Phoenix:

Facelift Case 13*

Browlift, Face lift, Lower Blephroplasty, Mole Removal

Facelift Case 12*

Secondary Facelift 68yo

Facelift Case 11*

Patient 11: Facelift

Facelift Case 10*

Facelift Case 7

Facelift Case 9*

Facelift Case 6

Facelift Case 8*

Facelift Case 5

Facelift Case 7*

Facelift Case 4

Facelift Case 6*

Facelift Case 3

Facelift Case 5*

Facelift Case 2

Facelift Case 4*

Facelift Case 1

Facelift Case 3*

Patient 3 – Facelift

Facelift Case 2*

Patient 2 – Facelift

Facelift Case 1*

Patient 1 – Facelift