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Breast Enhancement Before & After Pictures in Phoenix, AZ

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. But if you’re disappointed or disheartened by what genetics (or time) has given you, then Dr. Larry C. Leverett, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Phoenix, AZ, and his team can help. Procedures that fall under breast enhancement include breast augmentation and breast lifts, as well as breast reduction and breast reconstruction. If you want to restore your breasts to a more youthful look or if you want to feel more comfortable with your femininity, then breast enhancement surgery can help.

Many women come to us after pregnancy and breastfeeding because they want help to get some of that youthful perkiness back in their breasts, while others come to us at middle age and beyond, to help lift and reshape their sagging breasts.  Still others come to us for medical, and not purely cosmetic, reasons, with an interest in having their breasts reduced or out of concern for the shape of smaller breasts, and a wish to have them enlarged.

We believe you deserve the very best and our mission is to help you get it. You deserve to smile with delight when you look into the mirror – just like these patients in the photos on the following pages: